StreamOwl | Yandere: “The Horror of Our Love”
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Yandere: “The Horror of Our Love”

Yandere: “The Horror of Our Love”

All Girls Want Bad Boys: Rory and Dean. Although Dean is usually considered the “good” boyfriend of Rory’s, he often shows signs of “bad boy” behavior. He is rough around the edges and often wears a leather jacket and even builds Rory a car. Later, he has an affair with Rory and treats his wife poorly. Rory and Jess. Jess smoked, was sarcastic, and generally caused mischief in Stars Hollow, and encouraged Rory to take more risks. The trope is played with though, as Jess’s intelligence, love of reading and wit was the main thing that attracted her, while his bad boy lack of dependability and poor communication led to them breaking up.

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