StreamOwl | What Have I Become?: Lena get’s a lot of these
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What Have I Become?: Lena get’s a lot of these

What Have I Become?: Lena get’s a lot of these

The man who was Hercules for the Romans, was Heracles for the Greeks. As with the rest of Greek mythology, the Romans also adopted the myths and iconography associated with Heracles and included it in their religious literature. From then on, the name Heracles seemed to have become obsolete, with the tradition of Hercules gaining momentum and finding a significant place, even in the later popular culture.

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Most of War at the Wall Street Journal breaks down to BEFORE and AFTER the sale. The before part the offer and negotiations make up the bulk of the book and Ellison exhausts the reader with a huge cast of characters who only serve to blur what might have been a more focused story. The art of good story telling is the art of knowing what to overlook.

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