StreamOwl | The Slayer of Demons is one to a lesser extent as well
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The Slayer of Demons is one to a lesser extent as well

The Slayer of Demons is one to a lesser extent as well

Max used the film camera that he had previously used in a failed business venture that was funded by his brother in law, to try to open an outdoor movie theater to compete against the other theater chains. The hot summer weather, not to mention mosquitoes and heavy rain made it difficult to effectively run the business. Although it was a commercial disaster, they kept the camera that would soon would be used for the original rotoscope. Max’s first experiment was with his brother, Dave, in a Boy Scout outfit waving flag signals; this took eight months to produce between 1914 15. Although most historical records credit the initial rotoscope experiment as Dave dressed as a clown, the patent filed in 1915 clearly shows that Max had already extensively experimented with the rotoscope using other concepts before ever considering rotoscoping with a clown.

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