StreamOwl | Rictus, a Card Carrying Villain who routinely murders a kid’s
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Rictus, a Card Carrying Villain who routinely murders a kid’s

Rictus, a Card Carrying Villain who routinely murders a kid’s

Death or Glory Attack: The Storm school exclusive spell Wild Bolt. Originally, it had a base chance of hitting of only 10% (equipment and spells could boost it, however) but it could do 1000 base damage (again, this could be boosted even more) at the cost of only two mana and pips. It was recently changed to a 70% chance of hitting but it only had a 33% chance of 1000 damage; the rest of the time it does only 100 or even a meager 10 damage and uses up any boosts.

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Crapsack World: Ever wonder why the world seems like it sucks? Because it does, thanks to the villains erasing superheroes. Create Your Own Hero: Invoked by Mr. Rictus, a Card Carrying Villain who routinely murders a kid’s parents in front of him to see if this will happen (in this world, the supervillains won decisively by banding together and rewriting reality so heroes forgot who they were).

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I think more than him and me, people around us saw a match. It was a very organic process and meant to happen. Are very similar in terms of how we look at life. The blowhard bully, the poster boy for misogyny Donald Trump, whose verbal assaults on women have nothing to do with their brains and everything to do with their body type. Atop his gilded perch, he gleefully sneers at women, degrades them, scorns them. If anyone is criticizing him, their voices are getting lost as his popularity continues to skyrocket.