StreamOwl | Legacy Character: Donna and Cassie are Diana’s successors
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Legacy Character: Donna and Cassie are Diana’s successors

Legacy Character: Donna and Cassie are Diana’s successors

Cloning Blues: A small number of the clones Craig creates are depressed about the short and trivial nature of their lives even though nothing is preventing them from disobeying Craig and fleeing, as Clone In Love did by distracting Craig with his butt. However, most just comically under react to the prospect of having to kill themselves. Played to the extreme with “Craig With A Wig.” Deadpan Snarker: Mr.

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Nobody else is. Indestructible Edible: Aunt Gracie’s fruitcakes, which are generally considered inedible and dense enough to block X rays. A few of Ky’s crewmembers love fruitcake, though, and would have happily taken them from her if she had only mentioned having them.

Have so many important things on us at once and so many calls on our attention. Often loses items when he tired, stressed and late or jet lagged. In Hanoi, he left his passport in a taxi after too many rice wines, and ended up spending hours of his holiday trying to get a new one from the consulate..

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