StreamOwl | It is noted that she only comes when it’s cloudy or raining
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It is noted that she only comes when it’s cloudy or raining

It is noted that she only comes when it’s cloudy or raining

Subverted by Ayameko in the prologue to Angel Beats!, though she does make herself look handsome in the process. When asked by her former teacher why she’s wearing a male uniform, Ayameko says she wanted to be different from her friends, all of who had gone straight to the Oriyama Junior High campus from Oriyama High. Instead, she went home first and let Pittan know she was borrowing his uniform, putting it on before dashing to Oriyama Junior High. Chloe says, “I guess that explains why you took longer than us to show up.” (Ayameko had said, “Sorry I’m late!” as she ran onto the campus in a hurry after Chiara wonders aloud where she is.) For the record, the uniform Ayameko wears in the prologue to the play consists of a dark blue blazer over light blue dress shirt, red tie, and black dress pants.

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