StreamOwl | In the meantime, political turbulence is erupting in Athens as
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In the meantime, political turbulence is erupting in Athens as

In the meantime, political turbulence is erupting in Athens as

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Fake Bags They’ve paid more in interest charges and fees than their original borrowing. I am calling upon the Government to act now to apply the same rules on payday loans to credit card debt. It means that no one will ever pay more in interest than their original loan.”If the Tories refuse to act, I can announce today that the next Labour government will amend the law.”Families in line for a worse than ever “winter of discontent” over rising prices, bills and meagre wagesMcDonnell will also announce plans for a Strategic Investment Board, made up of the Chancellor, Business Secretary, Governor of the Bank of England and the new National Investment Bank, to channel funding into keeping Britain up to speed with the “fourth industrial revolution”.While new technology is unleashing huge changes in the UK, the country is led by “a Government full of people teleported from the 18th century”, he will say.How to find help if you’re struggling to pay bills: Council Tax, gas and electricity and rent support explained”While the Tories remain stuck in the language and values of the Victorian era we are determined that Britain embraces the possibilities of technological change scary though they may be,” McDonnell is expected to say.”By the middle of this century it is possible that up to half of all the jobs we do now could be automated away.”Labour’s Strategic Investment Board will “reconnect our financial system with the economy of research and development and production”, McDonnell will say.Millions of homeowners to see mortgage hikes in ‘coming months’ but savers might be quids in”The Strategic Investment Board will scrutinise and co ordinate the delivery of essential funding out of the hands of the speculators and into the technologies and industries of the future Fake Bags.