StreamOwl | I think I get a strong incense note in this perfume
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I think I get a strong incense note in this perfume

I think I get a strong incense note in this perfume

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relica birkin hermes The opening on Rose Noir is very nice but the drydown is magnificent. To me it’s has an incensey undertone (as another reviewer below this gets too) and a gorgeous spicy rose medley that blends really well together. Nonetheless II should confess that it is very “noir”. It starts with sour citruses scent which quickly blends with earthy,woody notes. I think I get a strong incense note in this perfume, which surprisingly doesn’t exist. a mixture of woody, oriental notes are so mixed hermes birkins replica that the whole perfume smells somehow sour. This is exactly a unisex perfume, but honestly I find it proper for neither genders. It’s not annoying, but at the same time not sexy or something. relica birkin hermes

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