StreamOwl | Durham Arts Council Clay Studio, 1058 W
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Durham Arts Council Clay Studio, 1058 W

Durham Arts Council Clay Studio, 1058 W

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wholesale jewelry See website for times. $15 per child. Durham Arts Council Clay Studio, 1058 W. Remarkable true story behind Helen Mirren’s new film The Woman in GoldThe Oscar winner plays Maria, an unlikely hero who battled to recover her family’s Klimt painting after it was stolen by the Nazis18:52, 4 APR 2015Updated19:10, 4 APR 2015We are part of the Trust ProjectWar, courage and hope: Helen Mirren stars in the inspiring film Get daily updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeThank you for subscribing!Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailAs darkness fell on the cold winter night in Vienna, the city became the scene of the first big attack against Jews by Nazi Germany.Joseph Goebbels called for organised violence against Jews, their homes, and synagogues.The two days of rioting that followed became known as Kristallnacht and is now seen by many as the start of the Holocaust.Official figures claim almost 100 Jews were killed on November 9 and 10, 1938, but the true number of deaths is certainly much higher. Most of Vienna’s 94 were destroyed.The Nazis also set about plundering Jewish homes and businesses women’s jewelry, imposing a huge fine on the community that would be equivalent to today.One of the homes raided belonged to Maria Altmann’s wealthy family, who owned a sugar refinery and befriended Sigmund Freud and many of the other leading Austrians of the day.Their precious paintings, jewellery, and her father’s prized Stradivarius cello were all looted by Adolf Hitler’s troops.Most valuable of all was The Woman in Gold, a remarkable 1907 gold leaf painting by celebrated artist Gustav Klimt.The struggle has now been turned into a film with Oscar winner Helen Mirren as unlikely hero Maria. She hopes the film will help audiences remember the horrors of the Holocaust.Dame Helen, 69, says: “It was justice wholesale jewelry.