StreamOwl | Conservation of Ninjutsu: Toyed with in the battle engine
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Conservation of Ninjutsu: Toyed with in the battle engine

Conservation of Ninjutsu: Toyed with in the battle engine

The blondes simply have their hands tied behind their backs. Charged Attack: Only in the arcade version. If you take too long to fire, it will tire your caveman out, and you’ll take damage. Chivalrous Pervert: In Joe Mac Returns, when the two heroes aren’t out rescuing cavegirls, Joe and Mac try to peep at them while they’re bathing, blow their bikinis tops off, or just outright steal their bikinis. Color Coded Multiplayer Joe (Player 1) green Mac (Player 2) blue Doppelgnger Attack: Only in the arcade version, it’s the duo’s only “ninja” attack.

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Replica Hermes But even that tiny betrayal of Shichiou almost kills him. Conservation of Ninjutsu: Toyed with in the battle engine. Any card that you don’t play one turn gets held onto for the next turn and increases its value by 2. Cool vs. Awesome: Both the company that translated it to the USA, and the gamers who have tried this game have ALWAYS compared it with Fate/stay night. It has even IMPRESSED some fans of the actual Fate/stay night. So, it should be no surprise that this game has a HIGH “Holy Shit!” Quotient. Replica Hermes

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