StreamOwl | Adam Cassidy is a cubicle drone in a technology company who
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Adam Cassidy is a cubicle drone in a technology company who

Adam Cassidy is a cubicle drone in a technology company who

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Replica Hermes Bags The 2004 novel written by Joseph Finder. Adam Cassidy is a cubicle drone in a technology company who, feeling rebellious and noble, impersonates a vice president of the company and makes it pay for a lush retirement party for a retiring blue collar worker named Jonesy. Quickly caught, Cassidy is given two choices by the CEO of the company, Nicholas Wyatt, be tried and convicted for embezzling funds and rot in jail for at least 20 years, or work as a corporate spy in a rival company. At home he has a belligerent, bitter father who he supports with his paycheck. Faced with the guilt of screwing over Goddard, who has taken a shine to him, his father’s failing health, and his falling in love with someone at the company, he tries to navigate his way out of failing, and being sent to jail. Replica Hermes Bags

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