StreamOwl | A smaller one was the second coming of Jesus Christ
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A smaller one was the second coming of Jesus Christ

A smaller one was the second coming of Jesus Christ

In Star Trek: The Motion Picture, we learn Lt. Ilia has an “Oath of Celibacy”, as she randomly informs Admiral Kirk of when she arrives on the Enterprise’s bridge. The story behind this is expanded upon in the novelization: Deltans (Ilia’s race) are highly sexual and view humans as immature when it comes to sex, and more to the point having sex with a non Deltan can potentially kill their partner (because it involves a blending of minds as well as bodies).

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Pro Wrestling Episode: What’s Happening Now!!’s “The Challenge.” Put on a Bus: Much like Esther Rolle on Good Times, Mabel King did not like the direction in which the show was going and left after the second season. As a result, the third season had Raj and Rerun moving into an apartment, while Shirley moved in as a border in the Thomas house. Ran for three seasons in the late 1980s.

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